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    PNG to JPG conversion

    PNG and JPG files are both image formats that are very similar and both contain image data, such as photos. However, each has a unique identity. Files ending in.PNG are image files specifically designed for lossless transmission over the Internet. PNG files lack certain attributes that make them suitable for printing, especially the lack of support for CMYK color space. Essentially, PNG files are designed to look good on computer monitors and smartphones, not on paper. At the same time, files ending in.JPG or.JPEG are a little different. JPG files, unlike PNG files, are compressed, which causes a certain loss of image quality. You can choose how much you want to reduce image quality, which in turn makes the image's file size smaller. JPG works well in both digital and print formats, but they are not as lossless as PNG.

    Why convert PNG to JPG?

    If you have a PNG file, there are some things you can't do. For example, you can't make it professionally printed. Because PNG files do not contain CMYK color information, professional printing companies will not accept them. In addition, PNG files contain transparent space. This allows pixels in the image to be completely empty. If you try to print a PNG or upload it to somewhere on the web, these empty places may be filled with black or white pixels, which will make the image look very different than you expect. This is why converting PNG to JPG is so useful. JPG files do not support transparency, so before you upload, you will clearly know what the uploaded image looks like. In addition, JPG supports CMYK colors, so you can print them with high precision.

    How to convert PNG files to JPG for free?

    To convert PNG to JPG for free, you need to upload PNG using our tool above. Click the "Upload Document" button to navigate to the file you want to convert. Conversely, you can drag and drop the files you want to upload. You can upload up to 20 at once. After the files are uploaded, you can see our tool converting them in real time. Once the conversion is complete, you can click the "Download" button under each image to save them. However, if you upload many files, you can download them in ZIP format at once by clicking the "Download All" button. If you have more than 20 files to convert, which is great, you can click the "Clear Queue" button and repeat the above steps for the next batch of files. You can do this whatever you want, but you can only do it in units of 20 files. However, please note that you must download your conversion file within an hour. If you wait more than 30 minutes to download your files, our server will delete them. If this happens, you will need to redo the conversion (s).

    Is it safe to convert PNG to JPG?

    Converting your files using our tools is completely safe. Your original files remain unchanged on your phone, tablet or computer, so if the converted files don't work for you, you can go back to the original files at any time. In addition, our server deletes all uploaded and converted files after 30 minutes. This ensures the safety of your sensitive information. You never need to worry about your files staying on our servers for more than 30 minutes!