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Limit DOCX files to 1MB

DOCX file

Files that end in.docx are document files that may be created using Microsoft Word 2007 or later. The DOCX format is designed to replace the DOC format. X stands for XML, which represents a shift from binary structure to a combination of XML and binary. However, an important aspect of DOCX is its standardization, which makes it usable in many programs other than Word. Support for XML also allows more and different types of information to be saved in files. Word programs dating back to 2007 will not be able to natively open DOCX files.

DOCX to JPG conversion

If you try to share a Microsoft Word document with others or upload it to a website, you may encounter problems. Some people don't have Word or applications that support Word documents, and many websites will not accept DOCX uploads. To correct this situation, we strongly recommend converting DOCX to JPG format. With JPG images, you don't need to worry about your recipient having Word, because every operating system can open JPG natively. You don't need to worry about uploading issues either, as almost all websites or apps that accept uploads accept JPG files. Performing the conversion is very simple: just upload one or more DOCX files, wait a few seconds, and then download your new JPG file It's fast, free, and doesn't require you to enter any identification information. Start now!