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What is the ICO icon format?

The ICO icon format is an icon file format that is common on Windows systems. Icon files in this format can store icon files of single patterns, multiple size, and multiple colors. Each icon is actually a collection of multiple pictures in different formats and may contain a certain transparent area. ICO icons have good compatibility and compressibility, and can simultaneously meet the needs of devices with different resolutions and sizes, so they are widely used in Windows systems. In addition to being an icon for applications and folders, ICO icons can also be directly used as a Favicon logo on websites. These Favicon logos will be displayed in front of the browser's favorites, address bars, and tab titles to distinguish different websites. When making ICO icons, you usually need to consider the optimal size for different platforms. Common size include 16×16 (small icon), 32×32, 48×48, 24×24, 64×64, 128×128, etc. It should be noted that although the ICO icon format is very common on Windows systems, different icon formats (such as ICNS) may be used in other operating systems (such as Mac OS). In addition, when processing ICO icon files, you can use Windows Image Manager or tools such as ACDSee to preview and edit them. If you need to edit icons, you can also use special icon making tools such as IconCool Editor. In short, the ICO icon format is a common icon file format on Windows systems. It has good compatibility and compressibility and is suitable for device needs of different resolutions and sizes.

Conversion of image files to ICO

Files ending in.jpg,.jfif,.jpeg,. pjpeg,. pjp,.png,.gif,.bmp,.webp,.svg,.tiff,.tif,.heic, and.ico are image files. They contain visual information, usually photos, drawings, screenshots, or other types of media. However, ICO is different from other image files. ICO files are icon files that can store images of multiple pixels of specifications to adapt to the size requirements of icons in different situations.

How to use ICO icons?

There are three ways to use ICO icons, which are:
  1. Website use: The ICO icon can be used as a symbol. Currently, mainstream browsers support the ICO icon. It is displayed on the browser's address bar, tags and favorites, such as the blue "Z" icon you see in the IE address bar when accessing this site using IE. Under normal circumstances, the ICO icon size of the website logo is 16×16, named "favicon.ico", then uploaded it to the root directory of the space, and finally in the page code<head>with</head>Add the following code between:
  2. Folder or program use: Taking folder use as an example, name the ICO icon "ds.ico", and then copy the following code to Notepad and save it in the root directory of the folder, named "desktop.ini":
    InfoTip=folder description
  3. Method to modify the partition letter: Name the ICO icon "partition.ico", then copy the following code to Notepad and save it in the root directory of the partition, named "autorun.inf":

How to convert image files into ICO icon files for free?

First, you need to upload an image file to our tool above. Click the Upload Picture File button to find your picture file and start. Then select the icon size you want to make (the icon size allows multiple pixel sizes to suit your project needs). If none of the icon size we provide is suitable for your needs, you can also customize the size. Then click "Generate ICO format icon" to automatically generate the ICO format icon you need

Is it safe to convert image files to ICO files?

Converting your files using our tools is completely safe. Your original files remain unchanged on your phone, tablet or computer, so if the converted files don't work for you, you can go back to the original files at any time. In addition, our server deletes all uploaded and converted files after 30 minutes. This ensures the safety of your sensitive information. You never need to worry about your files staying on our servers for more than 30 minutes!