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md2 encryption

What is md2 encryption?

The MD series algorithm is one of the three major algorithms for information abstraction. The full name is Message Digest algorithm. According to the specification version, it is divided into three algorithms: MD2, MD4, and MD5. The most commonly used algorithm is currently the MD5 version. This article introduces the implementation principle of the MD2 algorithm. In 1989, MD2 was developed by Ronald Rivest, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the inventors of the famous asymmetric algorithm RSA; this algorithm first performs data filling on the information, so that the byte length of the information is a multiple of 16, and then a 16-bit checksum is added to the end of the original information as supplementary information. Finally, a 128-bit hash value was calculated based on this newly generated information, and the MD2 algorithm was born.

Can md2 encryption be cracked?

It is possible to crack md2 encryption. It is possible to crack it as long as it is exhaustive.