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DOC file

Files that end in.doc are document files that may have been created using Microsoft Word 2004 or earlier. This proprietary format has existed since the early days of computers in the 1980s. DOC files hold text and formatting information for that text. Although the DOC format is owned and controlled by Microsoft, other word processing programs can read and even create DOC files, although they will not be as fully functional as files created in Word. Since the early 2000s, the DOC format has been replaced by the DOCX format, which is based on XML and has been standardized to make it available to more users.

DOC to JPG conversion

Microsoft Word has a powerful set of tools for editing documents. However, you can't edit DOC the way you edit photos, which is something you might want to do. You can't share DOC like you share pictures. To solve these problems, the best solution is to convert DOC to JPG, and our free service can do this for you. There is nothing to download, no watermarks, no requirements for email addresses or other information, and, most importantly, no cost! Simply upload one or more DOC files and convert them to JPG format. Just upload one or more DOC files and we turn them into JPG. You can then edit, share or archive these JPG's just like you would with other pictures. There is no limit to the number of times you can make these conversions, so you are free to use the tool as needed