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Timestamp conversion

Supports second-level timestamp, milliseconds, nanoseconds, and timestamp. A complete, verifiable data that can indicate that a piece of data has existed before a certain time. It is usually a sequence of characters that uniquely identifies the time at a certain moment. Data generated using digital signature technology, the signature object includes original document information, signature parameters, signature time and other information. It is widely used in intellectual property protection, contract signing, financial accounting, electronic quotation and bidding, stock trading and other aspects.

What is a timestamp?

Timestamp refers to the total number of seconds from 00:00:00:00 on January 01, 1970 to the present. Timestamp is data generated using digital signature technology. The signature object includes original file information, signature parameters, signature time and other information. The timestamp system is used to generate and manage timestamps, and digitally sign the signature object to generate timestamps to prove that the original document existed before the signature time. The trusted timestamp is an electronic certificate issued by the Joint Trust Timestamp Service Center to prove that the content of the electronic data file has remained complete and has not been changed since the trusted timestamp was applied. The issuance of the authorization for access to trusted timestamps marks the beginning of the standardized application of trusted timestamps in the field of archives, and will play a role in preventing tampering with the content of electronic archives and digital copies of archives and protecting legal certificates for archives. According to the requirements of the Electronic Signatures Law on the original form of data messages, digital copies of electronic documents, electronic archives or paper archives that have applied for credible timestamp certification can be regarded as the original form stipulated by regulations.